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June Brown Eastenders

Eastenders Actress June Brown Reveals She Is Going Blind

We at Home Eyecare are avid fans of the soap “Eastenders.”  It was recently broadcasted throughout the various media outlets that the actress June Brown who plays Dot Cotton/Branning is losing her eyesight and she struggles to recognise people hence why she no longer attends awards and social gatherings as she doesn’t want other people […]

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care home birmingham

Benefits for Care homes using Home Eyecare Services

Did you know that Home Eyecare also provides eye test for residents and patients in care homes and residential care homes? We aim to build long lasting relationships with the staff and patients of care homes through our professionalism. We have served numerous care homes around the West Midlands and Worcestershire area with our high […]

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mobile optician providing home eye test to the elderly

7 Benefits of using a Mobile Optician

So what is a mobile optician?   No its not an optician continuously on a mobile phone!  We would describe a mobile optician as an optician that comes to you with all his equipment so you can have an eye test in the comfort of your premises.  Being a mobile optician allows us to see patients […]

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eye health Santa Clause

7 Tips on How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy For the New Year

As we are approaching the new year people all around the world will be making New Years resolutions.  The majority of New Years resolutions revolve around healthy lifestyles and building good habits this may include going to the gym more often, losing weight or giving up smoking.  One of the best resolutions you can make […]

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different vitamin supplements for healthy eyes

Essential Vitamins for Healthy Eyes

Just like the rest of our body our eyes are important organs that need vitamins to function appropriately and help protect from eye disorders.  The function of vitamins is numerous and the benefits are evident for healthy eyes. Here is our list of essential vitamins to consume for healthy eyes: 1.  Vitamin A Vitamin A […]

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winter eye care tips

9 Winter Eye Care Tips For Healthy Eyes

As summer is over and now we are heading into winter it is imperative to look after your eyes as well as the rest of the body in the cold and flu season. One of the commonest problems with winter months is the number of people suffering from dry eyes.  This is due to outdoor […]

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dementia and eye problems

Dementia and Eye Problems

We regularly do home eye tests on patients with dementia. Dementia is not a disease but a term used to describe symptoms including memory loss and difficulties with thinking.  These are the most well known symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease which is the most commonest cause of dementia but not the only disease. The symptoms of […]

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Alcohol and eyesight

Alcohol And Your Eyesight

We all know that drinking alcohol can make you tipsy, jolly and gives you a slurred speech to name a few effects.  Did you know that excessive drinking of alcohol can have implications on your eyesight and other parts of your body. Here is our list of short term and long term effects of drinking […]

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