9 Signs That Show You Need An Eye Test

Eye test if you struggle to read

When we are ill our first reaction is to a call a doctor.  When our teeth are in pain we visit the dentist but when there are vision problems with our eyes we tend to overlook our visit to the opticians.

You should have an eye test once every two years.  In some cases there are signs and symptoms present that show you are in need of an eye test as soon as possible.

One of the clearest signs you need an eye test is difficulty in reading a book or reading an actual road sign in the distance.

Here is our list of signs to keep in mind that will tell you to book an appointment with an optician.

1.  Screwing your Eyes

‘Screwing your eyes’ up reduces the amount of blur at the back of your eye giving clearer vision this can be a sign of short sightedness or longsightedness

2.  Blurry Vision

If you notice that reading a book or magazine has become too fuzzy it maybe that you are developing longsightedness or presbyopia.  If you find it difficult to see objects far away from you then you may have shortsightedness.  If you find it difficult to see objects both near and far you may have astigmatism a condition involving the curvature of the eye lens or cornea.

3.  Night Vision

If you find it difficult at night the you may need glasses. Glare at night can be caused by cataracts (lens in your eye becoming cloudy).

4.  Working with Computers

Working with computers can cause eye strain. In certain cases you may need specs purely for the computer screen.  Pixelated characters of fonts and images seen on computers are different to characters on print material based on contrast and definition.

5.  Headaches

Increased frequency of headaches are normally vision related.  Headaches occur when muscles in the eye have to work harder to focus on images which causes eyestrain, inflammation and tension in the muscles.  Tinted or photochromic lenses may help some migraine sufferers.

6.  Double Vision

Experiencing double vision can be a sign of problems associated with nerve problems or eye muscles.  It can also be a sign of cataract formation.

7.  Sensitivity to light

If you experience sensitivity to light its important to have an eye test as sensitivity to light can be signs of an eye infection or underlying disorders.

8.  Halos

If you are seeing halos around lightbulbs or car lights this can be a possible sign of cataract formation or raised eye pressure.

9.  Difficulty adjusting from Dark to Light

If your eyes are struggling to adjust after seeing bright lights this could be due to muscles around your eyes weakening due to the ageing process.

If you have never had an eye test in the last two years it is imperative that you book an appointment for a comprehensive eye check with your optician.






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