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Eye test if you struggle to read

9 Signs That Show You Need An Eye Test

When we are ill our first reaction is to a call a doctor.  When our teeth are in pain we visit the dentist but when there are vision problems with our eyes we tend to overlook our visit to the opticians. You should have an eye test once every two years.  In some cases there […]

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Cleaning your glasses the right way

The Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning your Glasses

We all live busy lives and its so easy to forget to maintain, care and clean your glasses.  Your glasses are one of the best investments you can make for your eyes so here is our guide for the do’s and don’ts for cleaning your glasses. The Don’ts of Cleaning your Glasses: Do not clean […]

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benefits of wearing your sunglasses national sunglasses day

The Benefits of Wearing Your Sunglasses

As we are rapidly approaching 27 June 2019 which is officially National Sunglasses Day, we thought it was only right to write about the health benefits and non health benefits of sunglasses. As important it is to protect your skin from the effects of the sun it is just as important to protect your eyes […]

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mobile optician providing home eye test to the elderly

7 Benefits of using a Mobile Optician

So what is a mobile optician?   No its not an optician continuously on a mobile phone!  We would describe a mobile optician as an optician that comes to you with all his equipment so you can have an eye test in the comfort of your premises.  Being a mobile optician allows us to see patients […]

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Exercise and Eyes

Exercise And Your Eyes

According to Wikipedia exercise is defined as any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness, overall health and wellness. Physical activity may not help eyesight directly but helps to lower the risk of certain health conditions that are linked to eye disease such as type 2 diabetes.  Poorly controlled diabetes can damage the blood […]

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different vitamin supplements for healthy eyes

Essential Vitamins for Healthy Eyes

Just like the rest of our body our eyes are important organs that need vitamins to function appropriately and help protect from eye disorders.  The function of vitamins is numerous and the benefits are evident for healthy eyes. Here is our list of essential vitamins to consume for healthy eyes: 1.  Vitamin A Vitamin A […]

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winter eye care tips

9 Winter Eye Care Tips For Healthy Eyes

As summer is over and now we are heading into winter it is imperative to look after your eyes as well as the rest of the body in the cold and flu season. One of the commonest problems with winter months is the number of people suffering from dry eyes.  This is due to outdoor […]

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dementia and eye problems

Dementia and Eye Problems

We regularly do home eye tests on patients with dementia. Dementia is not a disease but a term used to describe symptoms including memory loss and difficulties with thinking.  These are the most well known symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease which is the most commonest cause of dementia but not the only disease. The symptoms of […]

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10 reasons to get your eyes tested!

    Here are just 10 of the many reasons why you should have a regular eye examination:- You only get one pair of eyes; once lost your eye sight cannot be returned. Your eyes, unlike teeth, will not always hurt when there is a problem. Good eye sight is very important in education. An […]

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