7 Benefits of using a Mobile Optician

mobile optician providing home eye test to the elderly

So what is a mobile optician?   No its not an optician continuously on a mobile phone!  We would describe a mobile optician as an optician that comes to you with all his equipment so you can have an eye test in the comfort of your premises.  Being a mobile optician allows us to see patients at home, care home, residential centres and even corporate offices.

Home Eyecare is a mobile optician that provides a home eye test for the housebound that are unable to get to an optician.  You may be entitled to a free NHS funded home eye test.

Our opticians also carry a wide range of spectacles and frames for your perusal as well as all the eye testing equipment needed for your eye test.

Here are our benefits in using a mobile optician:

1.  Quality Care

We strive to give you the highest quality eye care.  Being a mobile optician we set the same standards of care as you would expect in an independent or high street optician.  Our team goes above and beyond the duty of care for our patients.

2.  Patient comes First

Our priority is the needs and wellbeing of our patients that we serve.  We treat all our patients with care, honesty, respect, dignity and empathy.  You can trust us with all your home eyecare needs.

3.  Instant Appointments

Choose an appointment that suits your needs.  Appointments are always available.  We have a free telephone number for you to call when you want to book an appointment.  We strive to see you in a couple of days from the moment you make a call to us.  You will not find any long waiting lists with our mobile opticians.

4.  Spectacles and Frames on Demand

Our mobile opticians carry a wide range of spectacles and frames which range from budget to top end designer frames at competitive prices.  Our optician will explain to you all varieties of lens available from single vision, bifocal and varifocal.  We also explain the best coating for your lens and why.

5.  Experience

Our mobile optician has over 20 years experience treating the elderly, as well as physical and mental health patients that are housebound.   We have also provided eye test in care homes, residential homes, day centres and corporate offices.  We are fully registered with the General Optical Council.

6.  Multilingual

Our opticians are multilingual and fluent in various languages.  If for any reason you cannot communicate, we can use numerous methods to provide you with a home eye test.

7.  Aftercare

Most of our frames come with manufacturers warranty for a period of time.  If you have any problems with the frames you purchase from our company do give us a call.

Now that we’ve explained the benefits of using home eyecare as your first choice of mobile opticians for all your eyecare needs, do let us know if you or someone you know who is housebound or even has difficulty getting to an optician to contact our mobile optician today to see if you are entitled to a free NHS home eye test.







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