9 Winter Eye Care Tips For Healthy Eyes

winter eye care tips

As summer is over and now we are heading into winter it is imperative to look after your eyes as well as the rest of the body in the cold and flu season.

One of the commonest problems with winter months is the number of people suffering from dry eyes.  This is due to outdoor temperatures decreasing which causes the air to become more colder and drier (less humid).  When the air is dry the surface of the eye which is mainly water loses moisture due to evaporation this causes the eye to become dry and produce insufficient tears to keep the eyes moist.  It is important to keep our eyes and surroundings moist to reduce the symptoms of dry eyes.

Another area in the winter months is to protect our eyes from exposure to the UV rays.  Protection should not only be in the summer but also winter months, as exposure to UV rays increases the risk of cataracts.

Here is our list of winter eye care tips to protect your eyes:

1.  Keep Your Eyes Moist

As previously stated winter air is drier causing evaporation of water from the eyes resulting in irritation and dry eyes.  Try applying moisturising eye drops to keep the eyes moist.

2.  Use a Humidifier

We all like to increase the heating during the winter months, however indoor heating can irritate and dry out your eyes, this is due to heaters and radiators which rid the air of moisture resulting in no moisture for the eyes.

Try keeping a distance from heaters.  Another great way of counteracting the problems of warm indoor air is to use a humidifier this will help to regulate air flow and provide more moisture in the air.

3.  Protect Yourself from Ultraviolet (UV)

It may seem that summer is the only months to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun but with snow and ice on the surfaces, these UV rays are reflected off the ground which makes it important to protect your eyes.

4.  Take a Break from Digital Devices

During the winter months we love to stay warm in our houses and keep ourself occupied with our digital devices.  Staring at digital devices for long periods of our time can cause headaches and tired eyes.  Take regular breaks away from your screen by looking at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes.

5.  Eat a Healthy Diet

As the added saying goes “you are what you eat.”  That is the same for healthy eyes.  Eat plenty of leafy greens and always stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

6.  Wear your Spectacles

If you are a contact lenses wearer you may notice they are causing irritation in the winter months, if that is the case wear your spectacles for a few days.

7.  Keep the Windscreen Clean

The reflection of light off icy roads can cause difficulty when driving so ensure that your windscreen is clean inside and out.  Keep an extra pair of sunglasses in the car to protect you from the glare of the sun.

8.  Wash your Hands

Having the the cold or flu can affect your eyes by inflaming the conjunctiva causing pain and soreness.  In order to minimise this wash your hands regularly and prevent cross contamination of viruses and bacteria.

9.  Do not share your ‘make-up’ or Cosmetics

Winter months is also an indicator of the festive season and we also like to get into the party spirit.  As females we all like to put on make-up but be weary of sharing your products and brushes as they may contain bugs and germs that may be infectious to others.

If you are housebound and in need of a home eye test this winter contact us today.


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