7 Reasons Why You Should Allow Home Eyecare To Give You An Eye Test At Home

eye test at home birmingham

Here are our reasons why you should allow our optometrists to provide you with an eye test at home :

1.  Free NHS Eye Test

Did you know that anyone who is over the age of 60 and housebound due to mental or physical disability is entitled to a free NHS eye test at home.

For patients under the age of 60 who are housebound and receiving tax credits or jobseekers allowance they are also entitled to a free home visit.

If you have diabetes or glaucoma and are housebound you are entitled to a free NHS eye test at home.

2.  Elderly and Housebound

We regularly provide eye tests for the elderly at home or the elderly that are living in care homes.  We regularly visit patients at home that may be suffering from mental illnesses including dementia.  We also provide home eye tests for sufferers of chronic illnesses and mobility difficulties.

3.  Detecting other Diseases

An eye examination lets us know more about the health of your eyes but also allows us to detect some diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension.  The home eye test can aid in detecting some cancers and tumours.

4.  Central England Location

We are located in central England which gives us easy access to our patients homes and care homes throughout the rest of England.  We routinely provide eye tests at home for residents of Birmingham, Solihull and Wolverhampton.  Being located in the centre of England we have easy access to the West Midlands.  A centralised location gives our team of optometrists easy access to Warwickshire and Worcestershire counties.

5.  Multilingual

Our team of optometrists are multilingual.  We are fluent in numerous languages to put you at ease, rest assured we strive to provide the highest quality care to all our patients whatever your background or ethnicity.  The patient always comes first.

6.  Quality Care

Our team of optometrists will provide a specialised and professional eye test at the comfort of your own home rather than having you in a waiting room.  No more travelling and navigating your way through traffic.  Our opticians will also bring a selection of spectacles for your viewing should you need eyewear.

7.  Instant Appointments

Be seen in the next few days, we do not have long waiting lists for appointments.  Appointments are always available.  So don’t delay and Contact Home Eyecare for an eye test at home today.




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